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Friday, 1 April 2016

Engaged? No.

You know what?

Two days ago which was wednesday, a good friend of mine asked us to watch a video on utube, 'Jeans vs Skirts'

Cliche. But it brings deep message. Simply touched my heart, and okay i thought, " wow benda kecik macam ni pun boleh kacau hubungan aku dengan Allah " . :(

To be real honest, I did have 'crush'; or should i add 's' because i had a lot of guys in my mind. I was insane. I hate it. But I keep having feelings.

Until one day. I saw a picture of my 'guy' with a girl next to him. I cried all night long. I told you. I was insane. so, I started making assumptions and i WAS VERY MAD.

She's pretty, cute, nice and sadly, I like her too hahahaha.  So, I asked Allah for guidance. I wanted to keep myself focused and i dont want to have any special feelings towards a guy.

Alhamdulillah, I am not crushing over anybody. NO MORE. NO NO NO. I believed in fate and destiny and that good men are for good women.

If I am destined to be a forever-alone-woman (( I still nak kahwin okay hahahaha)), I hope He'll let me to get married in Jannah. " Ilaahi lastu lil firdausi ahla" :(  Ya Allah, guide me. Away from all temptations.


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