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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. . .

A: I am afraid. Of everything. I shouldn't be afraid. Of anything, but Allah.Such a deceiver I am. Deceiving people, pretending to be nice. Im not.I am nothing. Dirty. Black.  Ignorant.  A perfect fool.I must change. For better. 

B:  And isn't Allah sufficient for you? Look around you. He created a world, a tiny world, a beautiful world, many humans are proud of. He blessed you with parents, a shelter, and most importantly, a life. He keeps giving you chances. Sending you gifts you never expected. And, yes. We are all dirty. Filthy.  So what? Is that the end of the world? Are we not given a chance? I figured out some simple steps that may help you, sis. May Allah guides you and make you among His loved ones.

1. DO NOT EVER miss your five-times-a-day solah.

2. Ask Allah for guidance and ask Him to give you more strength in what you can do best to serve your deen. 

3. Keep yourself busy with zikr and read the Quran.

4. If you're a student, be grateful for every single knowledge Allah has chosen you to know. 

5. Choose to be close to Allah. Every decision lies on your hands. So, choose him. Over dunya.

And Im sorry if I said these steps are simple. They aren't simple. So, ask Allah for more and more strength,keep climbing and never look back. Yes, we must repent for our sins. But do not punish yourself, for we are nothing,and we cant bear too much burdens. SO,take a new step. Towards Allah. For he promised Heaven for the believers(al-mukminin). I shall stop writing. I have to go. Sis, may you be one of His angels in the Firdausi.