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Thursday, 5 November 2015

The blind us

  • Syarikat penerbangan kebanggaan negara tawarkan khidmat minuman alkohol dalam kapal terbang.
  • Gereja terbesar di Asia dibina di negara.
  • Duit zakat dimakan dan dimanfaatkan oleh pihak tertentu.
  • Cukai membebankan dengan dasar yang tidak kukuh.
  • Kelab-kelab malam dibina di bandaraya utama negara.
  • Artis wanita berpakaian seperti tidak berpakaian sehingga orang luar keliru dengan agama mereka.
  • Artis yang mengaku Islam memuat naik gambar berbikini.
  • Wanita negara membawa imej tidak bertudung.
  • Filem-filem membawa imej Islam tidak menjaga batas lelaki dan perempuan.
Ini bukan sejarah zaman Arab jahiliah tau. Hehe. Kalau soalan sejarah Tanya sejauh mana rakyat Malaysia mengambil iktibar dari zaman Jahiliyyah, nah ambil tu. Akak dah bagi skema jawapan. (gurau jee)
Rasulullah faced many things, you know, many things! For you. He (SAW), did everything he could to save you from An-naar (the hell).
He, with the help from The Almighty, guided you to a lifestyle of Al-Quran and as-sunnah. Because he wanted to see us all, in Jannah. And you are wrong, totally wrong, to say that you have your own way to live your life. There is no other way that promise you Jannah beside AL-Quran and as-sunnah. You yourself , should know. What brings you close to Allah, is good for you. What brings you further from Him. the Ar-rahman, is bad for you.
It is okay if  you don't know anything much about Islam now, I myself have no idea what Islam really is. Because I am so lack of knowledge, lack of understanding. It is my fault, okay. Don't blame my religion.
I  need to learn so many more. But I want to know my God. The Most Beloved. He, who created me and you. He, who  pulled me away from all temptations when I was about to fall, He, who promised me and you Jannah if we put him first before all.
I see perfection in my deen, and I couldn't find even one little mistake in Allah's law. Islam is not just about solah, fasting, making your Hajj, cover your aurah, but a lifestyle. The most perfect way to spend your dunya. The dunya is so temporary as everything is just passing away like pfffff, gone!
The question is, how are we going to make the most out of everyday?
Well, go search your answer. Now, here is a piece of advice(shhh this is a secret). Find Allah, you'll find the answer. Start from below, and you'll be on the peak once you know Allah. Lets search for His love together. And may we meet there in jannah.  Aamin.
-ukhti su- (maafkan broken englishku)